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Open lesson «Ар намысым қасіретім,мақтанышым желтоқсан»

The chair of PH with a group 502 PH held a an open lesson «Ар намысым қасіретім,мақтанышым желтоқсан» on Desember ,12 year 2014. The head of open lesson associate professor Rahimzhanova F. S.Teachers of chair PH and students of faculty PH were invited on open lesson.During the open lesson students was told about actions what occurred on Decemb...

2014-12-15, 02:40 PM

Meeting with students of foreign department in the hostel No. 3

On December 11, 2014 in a lecture hall No. 1 of the hostel No. 3 was meeting with the students of all courses of foreign department with the Dean of faculties CTE, stomatology and foreign department Orazalina A. S., Vice-dean Rymbayeva T.A., curators of 1 course of foreign groups, representative of “Tecas international” firm Mir Hussain, com...

2014-12-14, 02:08 AM

Lecture “HIV-infection prevention” in school

As is known, the most effective method of learning is to teach others. Technology "peer-to-peer" education is widely used in the department of neurology, psychiatry and infectious diseases. This method allows to develop such competencies as theoretical knowledge, communication skills, teamwork, leadership, skills to give lectures, to make ppt...

2014-12-12, 02:45 PM

Lecture on HIV infection in a hostel №7

1st of December is World AIDS Day. Department of Neurology, Psychiatry and Infectious Diseases annually holds events dedicated to prevention of HIV infection. 12/10/14 415 group of students of faculty "General Medicine» and teachers SSMU associate professor Maukayeva S.B., , associate assistants Khaibullina A.I., Kuanysheva A.G. prepared and ...

2014-12-12, 02:12 PM

Direction of counsel Amirkhanov R. M. and with practication a 304 groups of faculty Public health

A counsel hour was conducted on December,4,2014in the State medical university of Semey on the department of Public health under the direction of counsel Amirkhanov R. M. and with practication a 304 groups of faculty Public health.

2014-12-09, 10:30 AM

Lecture HIV-infection for foreign students of 1st course

Every year since 1988, 1st of December is World AIDS Day. Traditionally, the Department of Infectious Diseases arranges events dedicated to this day. 4th of December students of 401 group, faculty “Public health held event dedicated to AIDS in hostel 3.

2014-12-05, 03:26 AM